What now, America?

at 9am a co-workers leans over my cubicle and says, "A plane just hit the World Trade Center." i wait for the punchline. there is no punchline.

there is nothing to say

the second plane hits the southern building in the rear.

this southern tower, having been hit lower, begins to weaken

and crumbles to the ground

the top of the northern tower begins to buckle

a few minutes later, there is a gaping hole in the landscape

the limited amount of black smoke shows that the fire is still burning strong

around five pm, the perimeter of the fire is under control and fills the sky with white smoke

entire areas of manhattan, every phone booth, tree and signpost, are covered with signs calling out to the missing, or those that may know their fate

thursday, two days later, the smoke still fills the sky

I keep trying to think of something to say here, but the above pictures speak for themselves.

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