The Internet lessons below are for students at the Adult Learning Center of the Queens Public Library in Astoria, NY. These are for beginner Internet users, and I have tried to make the English easy for ESL and EFL students. The Word documents can be printed out and used in a class setting.

Internet Lessons for Beginners

Class One: Introduction

Download Class One as a Word Document for printing.

Class Two: Email

Download Class Two

Class Three: Internet Portals

Download Class Three

Class Four: Important Resources (Local to NYC)

Download Class Four

Class Five: Searching - Introduction

Download Class Five

Class Six: Searching - Exercises

Download Class Six

Class Seven: Conversations on the Internet - Newsgroups and Listservs

Download Class Seven

Advanced Lessons

What is a website and how do I make one? - Website Class Outline

Download Word document of Website Class.

Last updated Jan. 7, 2002. May be freely used for educational purposes.