Email Class Two



1. What is it?

· Electronic mail which can be sent from any device connected to the Internet.
· Typical Email Address : username@hostname.domain

2. Email Vocabulary:

Check Mail To see if you have any new mail.
Compose To write a new email message.
Send To send the email message.
Cc: To send an email message to more than one person.
Reply To reply to an email message you have received.
Reply to All To reply to everyone who received the email message.
Forward To send an email you have received to someone else.
Delete To get rid of an unwanted email.
Addresses To insert addresses from your address book.
Folders To file your email in separate folders.
Attach To attach a file (text, picture, etc.) to an email.
Subject The subject or topic of your email message.
Trash Where the deleted mail goes.
Headers The "delivery instructions" for the email message.

3. Types of Email:

4. Examples of Free Web-based email sites:

· (Arabic and English)
· (Chinese and English)

5. Setting up an email account:

· Go to a free web-based email site.
· Choose a user name and password.
· Enter personal information and preferences.
· Sign out and sign in.

6. Homework:

Send an email to the teacher and cc: yourself.