Internet Portals Class Three

Using Internet Portals

The English word "portal" means a doorway or an entrance. On the Internet, the term portal refers to any website that offers a number of common information features and services from the Internet on one web page.

Common services offered through a Web Portal:

Some Portals:

More web portals can be found here:

Spanish-Language Portals:

Chinese Portals:

Using the Yahoo Portal


You can use Yahoo to search the Internet for information, jobs, recipes and much more. Yahoo has a number of search options, and when you have time you should read the "Help File" (

Basic Search:

Yahoo is a searchable subject directory. This means that Yahoo has organized some, not all, of the sites on the Internet into major subject categories. When you do a basic search on Yahoo, you are searching these subject categories. The results of your search will show you what subject areas your request falls into. (Hint: you can follow the links for the subject headings back to broader categories).

Advanced Search:

Most search engines or search directories also have an advanced search option where you can do a more specific search. On Yahoo, click on the "Advanced Search" link next to the search box, and you will be taken to the Advanced Search page. From this page you can choose more search options to narrow down your search.

Subject Areas:

From Yahoo's main page, you can browse the major subject areas, such as Education and Health. These subject areas will take you to the listings of websites for each category that Yahoo has created. They usually tell you how many web sites will be in each category with a number next to the link. You can browse these categories to find interesting web sites.

The rest of the Yahoo Portal:

There are many other things which you can do from the Yahoo home page. On the right side of the page you will see some News headlines, which you can click on to see the full story. There are also many options to buy things, or browse auction areas. Explore these links when you have time and familiarize yourself with the web site.

At the bottom of the page, Yahoo offers more links to special Yahoo sites. There are geographical links and more subject area links. The geographical links will take you to sites specially designed for those countries, and they will usually be in the language of that country. There are also sites for specific US states and cities. Finally, there are also Yahoo portals for specific areas, such as Business and News.

Email: Yahoo also offers free web-based email, which we covered in an earlier class.