Beginner's Internet Class
Class Six - Search Exercises
Search Strategy

Search Strategy

When you want to find something on the Internet, ask yourself these three questions:

1. What - do I want to know?

This is your actual question. For example, "why is the sky blue?" or "where is the nearest post office?". Always try to come up with a question in your head or on paper so that you do not leave out anything important.


2. Where - will I look?

You need to decide which "tool" or "resource" you will use to answer your question. Which search engines or websites will you search at?


3. How - will I search?

Now you need to translate your question into an actual "search strategy" by coming up with keywords.



From every question we have, we can pull out specific words or concepts that we will use to conduct our search. If I want to know why the sky is blue, than I most likely will search using the words "sky" and "blue". If I want to know where the nearest post office is, I will most likely use the phrase,"post office", and the name of the place where I am.

If you are looking for work, do not just go to a search engine and type in "work". What kind of work are you looking for? Where? If you are a "carpenter" looking for "work" in "Racine, Wisconsin", then use those specific keywords.

Try to use the best possible keywords to describe what you are looking for - it will help your search to be more effective.


Search Exercises

1. Question: Why do we celebrate the fourth of July as a holiday in the United States.? Where can I learn more about this holiday?

Use Google to find information about the fourth of July holiday in the United States.


2. Choose a country.

Use Yahoo to find a map of that country, the country's flag and a recipe from that country. Hint: To specifically search for pictures, go to the "Advanced Search" section of Yahoo and choose "Picture Gallery" from the pull-down menu. You can also try to search at


3. Question: How do I get to 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue in Washington, DC?

Use Mapquest to find a map to 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue in Washinton DC. What is at this address?
Also use Mapquest to find the address of someone you know.


Review and Discussion.

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