Welcome to the first class of the Beginner's Internet Group.

Today we will try to do the following:


1. Fill out cards with name, age, level of English, and the reason why you are taking this course.


2. Discussion: Why are we taking this class?


3. Goals: (fill in the boxes)

Short Term Long Term









4. Vocabulary:

Basic Computer Vocabulary / Internet Vocabulary:

Fill in on Handout


Vocabulary Lists:

Basic Terms: http://www.jworkman.com/

Advanced Terms: http://www.unm.edu/~libinfo/Libraries/glossary.html


5. Using the Browsers

How to use Microsoft's Internet Explorer:


How to use Netscape's Navigator:



Other Resources:

Search Engine - Google: http://www.google.com

Search Directory - Yahoo: http://www.yahoo.com

Free Email - Yahoo Email : http://mail.yahoo.com


6. Class Project and Homework


Send email to Instructor with the web addresses of two sites - one in your native language, and one in English about your country of birth.

Class Project:

Develop a Web Site for this class.