Beginner's Internet Class Class 4 - May 26 , 2001 
Review and Discussion of Useful Resources
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Over the past few classes, we have done the following:

· Discussed basic Internet and Computer vocabulary;
· Set up email accounts and learned how to use them;
· Looked at Internet Portals and learned what they are for; and
· Learned basic searching techniques.

Any questions?

Useful Resources: Here are some websites that you may find useful on the Internet.



Dave's ESL Cafe
Ruth's Distance Learning Help
The Merriam-Webster Online Dictionary
English Language Topics from the LII



New York State Education Department

Adult Learner Program at the Queens Public Library
Manhattan Education Links
Go NewYork City Education Resourecs




New York City Home Page
New York State Resource Page
New York Subway Resources
NY Daily News
NY Post
Census Maps of New York



Clay's New York City Reference
Freeality New York City Guide
Field Trip NY
Columbia University's NYC Links

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