Jerry Kann

Green Party Candidate for
New York City Council

District 22 - Astoria, Queens


Regular public meetings throughout Astoria

This is the kind of outreach I want to undertake if elected to City Council. It is a reverse of the traditional model of constituent service, in which the legislator waits for concerned citizens to come to him or her. I want to go to them; to actively and aggressively seek their input and participation.

The meetings would be scheduled once per week, each week in one of four different areas, or "wards," of the district, so that each area has a meeting once a month.

The residents of each ward will be invited to come out and tell me, as their City Council representative, what their problems and concerns are, and what they want and expect from city government. I will be there to listen and answer questions, and take action on those matters that my office has power over. This is the practical application of our campaign slogan: "Itís your cityÖ it should be your City Council."


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