Jerry Kann

Green Party Candidate for
New York City Council

District 22 - Astoria, Queens


Popular election of local community boards

Where do community residents turn when they want to get actively involved themselves? What if they want some direct input—even a vote—on questions of policy?

Currently, there aren’t many options. The members of the current Community Boards, for example, are appointed by Borough Presidents and other office-holders. They are not directly accountable to the people who live in the neighborhoods. But I am proposing —along with other Green candidates in New York City— popular election of the local Community Boards.

I think people should have the chance to run for this office themselves. I believe that an elected community board member would be held accountable to the community.

Further, elected "Community Councils" based in City Council districts could replace the current Community Boards. They could serve more than the current "advisory" role— they could propose bills for consideration by City Council and thus take part in the formulation of local laws.


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