July 04, 2008

I Actually Took This Picture Outside, Not Sure Where the Black Background Came From, But I Like the Shot


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July 03, 2008

Leo and Sam Enjoying a Ride


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June 30, 2008


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March 28, 2008







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March 12, 2008

Sawatdii Ronald


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Time to Meditate


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March 11, 2008

Chillin' in the Tuk Tuk


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March 06, 2008


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February 29, 2008

Tom and His Two Sons


Nobody could quite figure out what the deal was when Tom, Tia, Isiah, Me, Sam and Ava were all walking around together.

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February 27, 2008

Chiang Mai

wall.jpg tia_isiah_shopping.jpg elephant.jpg red.jpg

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June 28, 2007

Keeping Track

My World Clock

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May 10, 2007








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March 31, 2007

Being Tourists in Williamsburg


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September 14, 2006


Pictures from my trip to a cottage right on Lake Michigan with friends.


The cottage where we stayed
Leo will always find the hammock
The group




The little surfer
Katrina, me and Ali
Lucy loves the beach




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July 01, 2006

Hershey, PA

Sam and I visited our friends Greg and Erica in Erica's hometown Hershey. We went to Hershey Park where Sam was in roller coaster heaven. Then we went to Chocolate World and saw how they make chocolate. And finally we went to a Dave Matthews Concert, it was great to hear live music again.



Erica and Sam in the front row



Just a little wet
Greg and Sam in the second row



Greg and Sam, in front, getting ready for the big loop



Views from above



Downtown lights

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November 26, 2005

Minden, Germany

We just got back from a week in Germany with the Werbergs. We went to the town where Hans was born and lived until he was seven. Here is a picture of us all on his street. His old house, that was completely destroyed and rebuilt, is now part of a museum. It is the one with the flag hanging on it.


The Stolpersteine "Stepping Stone" Installation


Hans with the artist, Gunter Demnig.


Hans thanks everyone for being part of the ceremony.


The memorial stone for Hans' Aunt


The stones for Hans' parents


Ritterstrasse, the street Hans grew up on until he was 7.


A view from the window of what would have been Ritterstrasse #27.


At the cafe after the ceremony.


Downtown Minden


Hanging with the Burgermeister "Mayor"



The Landhaus Minderheide, the house we rented for the week.



We hosted a dinner for all the people who have been so helpful and welcoming to the Werberg family.



We all join together for the celebratory beer and cigar.


German Beer = Good


Sam and I got delayed for a day coming back to Kuwait so we took advantage and walked around Hannover a bit. It was basically one big Christmas Village.
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September 30, 2005


We went to Austin before the wedding in Houston. I was surprised to see that the speed limit was 70. I guess it's true what they say "Everything is Bigger in Texas"


The Capitol


My favorite thing about Texas, breakfast tacos


A little bit of nature for a change


ALLISON & MATT's Wedding
September 17, 2005













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July 04, 2005

Some things I missed about NYC

Broadway, Bridges and BBQs at Bassem's




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June 30, 2005

Niagara Falls

While we were home we went to visit Sam's sister in Buffalo so we took the opportunity to go to Niagara Falls which is only about thirty minutes away. If you ever go you need to go to the Canadian side. From the U.S. you can pay a ton of money to walk out on a little half bridge that gives you a pretty good view but it is much better to park on the U.S. side and walk over the bridge into Canada. You don't need a passport but make sure that you have 50 cents with you to get back into the U.S.













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June 14, 2005

Lucas and Aidan

We are visiting our friends Emet and Monica who have six week old twin boys.

Chillin' with Aidan


Sam on diaper duty with Lucas

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June 10, 2005

Niagara Falls



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May 31, 2005

Denise and Sam


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The Racine, WI Crew



The five of us went to school together from 1st grade through High School (three of us through college!)

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May 30, 2005


We spent the weekend in Madison for my friend Crystal's wedding and I couldn't leave town before stopping for one last brat.



I'll put up pictures of the wedding but probably not for a couple of weeks.

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May 27, 2005


We are back in the states now for a month and stop one is Madison. My first craving was a Wisconsin brat.

Crystal and Casey. Crystal (on the left) is getting married tomorrow.


Sam and me at the Capitol.

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May 14, 2005


We just got back from a weekend trip to Bahrain. Even though it was only a 40 minute plane ride from here we were transported into a very different world, good Mexican and Chinese food and an Irish pub alone were well worth the trip.














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April 24, 2005





Our room
View from our room
Hotel surroundings




The Beach
Incense everywhere you turn




The Palace




Wall art in the market











The Grand Mosque

















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We just got back from a wonderful weekend in Muscat, Oman. It is a really peaceful, beautiful country. Because it was a holiday weekend, the Prophet's birthday, many things were closed. We drove around town, walked around the main shopping areas, went to the biggest mosque and other than that did a lot of sitting in the sun enjoying the surroundings. I also treated myself to two massages. Here is a picture of Sam and I at our hotel.


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April 20, 2005


Tomorrow is my 30th birthday and Sam completely surprised me with a trip to Oman for the weekend. The hotel we are staying at looks amazing. You can see some pictures here

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March 04, 2005

A few more pictures from Mumbai




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February 22, 2005


Prashant's family has a great house. This balcony was one of my favorite spots.
India Gate



Joye, Prashant and me crammed in a taxi
Taj Mahal Hotel



Our favorite coffee shop, I think this was cup 4 that day



Everyone wanted us to buy one of these



Train Station
Sam and Karma

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February 21, 2005


As usual our trip got off to a bit of a rough start. Our flight was supposed to leave at 10:45 pm, we were actually on the plane, had even left the gate, but then went back to the gate and sat on the plane for about 2 1/2 hours while they tried to fix the navigation system. Then we all had to get off the plane and wait back inside the airport where we were told a couple hours later that they couldn't fix it and the flight was cancelled. Apparently only one plane was available that night, in the end though I really didn't want to get on the one that didn't have a navigation system. So they bused us to some hotel in the middle of nowhere so that we "could get a good sleep and be refreshed in the morning." Personally after those two hours of sleep I did not feel very refreshed. When we got up we were told they still weren't sure if there would be a flight but that maybe we would be leaving at 10am. Luckily we did but we weren't very happy about the fact that we lost a whole day of our 4 day vacation. As soon as we got off the plane in Mumbai though everything went very smoothly. We had a great time with our friends, Joye and Prashant, and we were very lucky to be able to stay with Prashant's family and have wonderful home cooked meals. It was great to just catch up with our friends and do lots of shopping. For once I didn't actually take too many pictures but there will be a few I will put up soon.

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January 27, 2005


In Petra
Supposedly Moses is buried somewhere here
Where Moses saw the Promised Land
Sam looks for Bethlehem




Mosaics at Mt. Nebo
Entrance to Petra
The Treasury from between 100 BC to 200 AD. Carved from sandstone to serve as a tomb.







The Royal Tombs
The Monastery
Somehow Sam got me on a camel










High Place of Sacrifice
Lawrence of Arabia




Our Hotel
Where Lawrence slept in 1917
Wadi Rum




The Desert




Roman Ruins of Jerash




View from hotel in Amman



Sunset over the Dead Sea

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January 25, 2005

Back from Jordan

Other than our flight being delayed for two hours, getting lost on the way down to our hotel, dealing with a hail storm, driving through fog with 10 foot visibility, getting locked in a public restroom and getting a speeding ticket, we had a wonderful time in Jordan. Petra, a city carved into rock, is really amazing. We spent two full days there, here is a picture of me from about halfway through the second day of hiking.

More pictures coming soon

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November 16, 2004


So many tall buildings
Wide range of designs




Dubai Museum
Pearling Boat




Boat ride




The Gold Souk




Spice Souk




Sam parasailing




Burj Al-Arab - 7 star hotel




Al-Ahmadiya School - 1912




Cranes as far as you can see




Sheesha pipes
Great rooftop cafe
The beach

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November 15, 2004

Back from Dubai

We just got back from Dubai. We had a very relaxing time. It was a strange time to go because it was the end of Ramadan and because Sheik Zeyad recently passed away but we were still able to enjoy boat rides on the creek, reading on the beach, drinking in public places and Sam even went parasailing. There were times where I felt like we were still on our vacation in Delhi but mostly it seemed like Kuwait with alcohol, skyscrapers and bigger shopping malls. The thing that struck me the most is that the city is a total construction mill. We were staying outside of town where there were just a few big hotels on the beach, but now there are about 25 huge buildings going up simultaneously. It put the construction project next to our apartment building here in Kuwait to shame.

I'll get more pictures up soon, this one is the view from our hotel room.


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October 23, 2004

Delhi - Shopping








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October 22, 2004

Road to Agra







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October 21, 2004

Delhi - Around Town

View from our room

All India War Memorial




Our transporation of choice
All taxis are required to use CNG
The Ambassador, the other taxi




In the red light it says "Relax"



Red Fort, 1648




Old Delhi
We had quite an adventurous and long walk through this area.

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October 19, 2004

Delhi - Sites

Baha'i House of Worship - Lotus Temple. The last of seven major Baha'i temples.








Jama Masjid (Friday Mosque)









Humayan's Tomb - Built in the mid 16th century for the second Mughal emperor. Various other tombs are on the grounds. The Taj Mahal was modeled after this type of early architecture.





Hare Krishna Iskon Temple

This was probably one of the most interesting things that we saw. It was very intense to see the way people worship here.





Qutb Minar - From the beginning of Muslim rule in India. The complex includes the first mosque to be built in the country.

















Taj Mahal - Getting there was not the most enjoyable thing I have ever experienced, but at the end of that very long day, including 13 hours on a bus, at least we were able to say that we saw the Taj Mahal!


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October 17, 2004

Notes from Delhi


We just got back from Delhi. We were also able to get to Agra to see the Taj Mahal. It will take me some time to edit the pictures I took so for now I'll just mention a few things that are sticking out in my mind from the trip.

The driving in Delhi is quite an adventure. A three lane street quickly turns into about 6 lanes and horn honking is just part of the way people drive there. Basically it is one big mass of traffic and sounds like one constant horn.

We got lots of questions about the upcoming election, most people that mentioned it seemed to want Kerry to win. When we walked out of one store the owner said "I hope for you a new president"

Everyone was very agreeable, so no matter what question we asked the answer was yes, even if it wasn't a yes or no question. This includes every taxi driver telling us he knew where our hotel was, every time we would end up stopping along the way for the driver to ask directions.

When at gas stations everyone needs to get out of the car while the gas is pumped.

Whenever we were at touristy places, there were lots of younger kids who wanted to take their pictures with us.

Overall we had a wonderful time and our interest in exploring more of India has definitely grown.

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October 06, 2004

Next stop Delhi

We are off for Delhi today. Sam has a conference and of course I can't pass up the opportunity to travel so I'm tagging along. Hopefully while we are gone I will have access to a computer and keep everyone updated. Definitely look for pictures after we return on the 17th.

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August 20, 2004

More travel plans

We just found out that Sam is going to a conference in New Delhi in October. So of course, you know us, we have to make a vacation of it. I'm really excited, we'll even get to go to the Taj Mahal.

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August 15, 2004


I just reserved our tickets to Dubai, United Arab Emirates for November. Check out where we are going to stay!

OK I lied, that's where we thought we were going stay. Our travel agent just told us that it is completely booked already so now we are trying for the Hilton.


For more information about the hotel visit their website.

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May 17, 2004

Crabtree Falls Campground

We went cabin camping with our friends Emet and Monica and their dog Barkley this past weekend.

For more information about this campground click here, for a more luxurious version click here.

You can click on each image for a larger picture.

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February 29, 2004

An early spring

We took advantage of the weather this weekend and visited Great Falls Park with our friends Emet and Monica.





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January 19, 2004

Arlington National Cemetery

Click here for more pictures from Arlington.

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January 18, 2004

DC Sites 101

So we had our first visitors this weekend. Tia, Tom and Isiah came down from New York. Tia and Isiah had never been to DC before so we spent a day walking around in the COLD seeing all of the main monuments and memorials.

You can click on each image to see an enlarged picture.

Tom, Tia and Isiah in the Metro Station

The Capitol

Isiah is bigger than the Washington Monument

Tia and Denise at the Lincoln Memorial

The Korean War Memorial

The Library of Congress

The Lincoln Memorial

Tia, Tom and Isiah in front of the Supreme Court

Tia at the Vietnam Memorial

Tom giving Isiah a little break after 4 hours of walking

Tom and Tia at the Washington Monument

The World War II Memorial, in progress
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December 07, 2003

Our latest travels

Click here to see some pictures from our trip to Edinburgh, Scotland.

Peter, Katrina, me and Sam on top of Arthur's Seat

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