November 07, 2003

How I am preparing for the next phase of life

It's hard to predict what may be in store for me once we move overseas so I decided to prepare for the worst-case scenerio - not being able to leave the house. So what will I do with all that down-time?

Hobby #1 Crocheting


Although it is likely that we will end up in a desert climate we are still in NY for now so I have started making Hat and Scarf sets. Below is my first attempt.


Also, being the wonderful wife that I am I'm making this scarf for my husband.


I can make blankets too!

(pictures of different blanket styles)

Hobby #2 Stained Glass
My ultimate goal is to learn how to make lamp shades. To learn technique though I'm working on the following project. I'm at the soldering stage which I must admit is a little scary.


Hobby #3 Harmonica
I haven't actually started this one yet but I'll get around to it.

I do hope to perfect all these skills over time and you can all expect that any gift you may get from me will be homemade. I'm not sure if I will actually fulfill them but you can make requests in the comments section and I'll let you know...
But keep in mind that I don't deliver so you'll have to come visit!

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November 06, 2003

FAQs about what the hell is going on in Denise’s life these days?

What the hell is going on?
A whole lot of changes are about to take place.

When are you moving?
We will be leaving Astoria on December 31.

Where will you be living?
For the months of January and February we will be living in a Corporate Suite in Arlington, VA, basically a one-bedroom furnished apartment. I am making a prediction that our dining room table will be glass with gold trim and there will definitely be pictures of flowers somewhere in the apartment.

What are the three most exciting things about living in a Corporate Suite?
1. We will have a washer and dryer INSIDE our apartment (for the last 3 years its been a laundromat and the 4 years prior to that was hand-washing)

2. We will have maid service once a week!

3. We don’t have to pay for it!!

How long will you be in DC?
We will be there at least 4 months and could be there up to a year depending how much language training is needed.

When will you know where you are going?
On the third day of training Sam will be given a list that has approximately 90 different positions on it. We will have to rank our top 25 choices. In week six we will find out where we are going, which means we should know around the end of February.

Where do you want to go?
Our preference is definitely the Arab/Muslim world. I would have to say personally my top choice is Tunisia, but because of that we will never end up going there.

What will you do in DC while Sam is in training?
I am hoping to transfer to the Peace Corps Office in Arlington, very close to where we will be living. That would make for a very easy transition and give me something to do while we wait to go overseas.

What are you going to do overseas?
I will have to wait and see where we get posted, but no matter what I will try to be the best wife I can be. If we are in a Peace Corps country I would love to try and get contract work with them. There are usually positions available for spouses, but it depends and they are usually low paying menial jobs (oh wait a sec, that’s exactly what I’m used to)

Further questions may be submitted at anytime through the comment section, when a question is asked by more than one person it will be added to this list.

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