October 25, 2004

Emotions of the day

It is Ramadan now so things have slowed down quite a bit. Work days seem more quiet, the streets are empty and everything is closed. We are having a much different experience here than we did in Morocco. I feel very out of touch with the holiday here. I remember in Morocco being invited to numerous homes each night to break the fast and just feeling more involved. I won't have that experience once here. The disconnect is very strange. I have felt that way, in a sense, throughout this whole experience but it has definitely been magnified this month. I have to keep reminding myself that we have only been here for four months and that we aren't in the Peace Corps anymore but I really do hope that as time goes on we meet more people and actually spend free time with Kuwaitis. I don't want to be saying the same thing two years from now. Beyond the desire to be more integrated into the culture I actually don't have much to complain about. Kuwait is a very easy place to live and we are settling in nicely.

Since Sam is male his month has been more eventful than mine. He actually goes out most nights for about 5 hours from house to house meeting people so he's tired but in my mind the lucky one right now.

Posted by denise at October 25, 2004 07:50 AM