July 07, 2008



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July 06, 2008

Bye Sweden

We are back in Bangkok now. It was sad to say goodbye after such a great trip. I do have to admit that I was a little bit excited to see all my toys! Other than that though I wish we were still there.


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July 05, 2008

4th of July BBQ

Corn, Watermelon and finding shapes in clouds with Mom and Dad.




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Picking Raspberries With My Uncle Leo


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July 04, 2008

Me and My Dad


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July 03, 2008

Family Photo


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They Have Really Big Cinnamon Rolls Here

I like going on vacation, I get all sorts of special treats.


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July 02, 2008

Budding Paleontologist

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July 01, 2008

With Grandma and Grandpa Werberg


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Sand, Sidewalks and Swings, all good things.

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June 30, 2008

Blueberry Waffles

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June 29, 2008

Have you ever been this close to a moose?


Uncle Leo and Aunt Ali have posted some pictures from the trip on their blog too.

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Today I Split My Lip on the back of the couch, not pretty...


Despite sucking on all that ice it actually got bigger throughout the day. And it looks a lot bigger in person.


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June 28, 2008

Grocery Shopping is Cooler in Sweden


The Cheese here comes in really big blocks

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They have front stoops in Sweden


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June 27, 2008

Longest Nap EVER

So I got my suitcase, just in enough time that it wasn't really inconvenient. My clothes that I had been in for over 24 hours though, since the one thing mom forgot in the carry-on was a change of clothes, weren't pretty. I had a bit of a rough morning after having only slept for 1 hour in a 24 hour period. Mom and Dad put me down for my nap at 1pm, I cried for an hour but then finally surrendered. Of course mom and dad were wondering how long I was going to sleep and who was going to be on parent duty when I was up for the day at midnight. Much to their surprise I decided to sleep for 15 1/2 hours and am just waking now at 5:30am. Normally I wake up at 6:00 so maybe we'll get right on schedule, if we're lucky...

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June 26, 2008

Making Myself At Home in Sweden

We just got to Sweden and I've already warmed up to Uncle Leo and Aunt Ali. I won't mention the actual trip but let's just say it wasn't pretty, oh yeah and mom and dad's suitcase made it but mine isn't here yet...


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