July 24, 2015

Racine Reunion

I had a blast hosting my life-long friends!

2015_summer_reunion 7.jpg

2015_summer_reunion 4.jpg

2015_summer_reunion 9.jpg

2015_summer_reunion 8.jpg

2015_summer_reunion 1.jpg

2015_summer_reunion 2.jpg

2015_summer_reunion 3.jpg

2015_summer_reunion 5.jpg

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June 26, 2015

Wisconsin Dells with the Family

2015_summer_wisconsindells 7.jpg

2015_summer_wisconsindells 6.jpg

2015_summer_wisconsindells 8.jpg

2015_summerfun 9.jpg

2015_summer_wisconsindells 9.jpg

2015_summer_wisconsindells 10.jpg

2015_summer_wisconsindells 12.jpg

2015_summerfun 3.jpg

2015_summerfun 4.jpg

2015_summerfun 5.jpg

2015_summerfun 8.jpg

2015_summerfun 7.jpg

2015_summerfun 6.jpg

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