April 11, 2014



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April 04, 2014

Sec State Visit

morocco_503_secstate 2.jpg

morocco_503_secstate 1.jpg

Waiting patiently, for 2 1/2 hours...
morocco_503_secstate 3.jpg

morocco_503_secstate 4.jpg

Unfortunately Ava and Dylan didn't make it into the shot. That's Ava's red and white striped dress in the bottom left corner.
morocco_503_secstate 5.jpg

Another missed shot of Dylan shaking his hand
morocco_503_secstate 6.jpg

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April 02, 2014

Class Trip to the Zoo

morocco_505_zoo 1.jpg

morocco_505_zoo 2.jpg

The love birds with the love birds
morocco_505_zoo 3.jpg

morocco_505_zoo 4.jpg

Oops, someone lost a shoe
morocco_505_zoo 1 (1).jpg

morocco_505_zoo 2 (1).jpg

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April 01, 2014

The Farm

morocco_504_farm 3.jpg

morocco_504_farm 1.jpg

morocco_504_farm 4.jpg

morocco_504_farm 2.jpg


morocco_504_farm 5.jpg

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