April 28, 2013


morocco_327_tball 1.jpg

morocco_327_tball 2.jpg

morocco_327_tball 3.jpg

morocco_327_tball 4.jpg

morocco_327_tball 5.jpg

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April 27, 2013



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April 26, 2013

Field Trip to the Royal Palace

morocco_323_palace_fieldtrip 5.jpg

Their assignment was to sketch the main gate
morocco_323_palace_fieldtrip 3.jpg

morocco_323_palace_fieldtrip 4.jpg

With her buddies
morocco_323_palace_fieldtrip 2.jpg

morocco_323_palace_fieldtrip 1.jpg

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April 17, 2013

Dylan's Current Love - Angry Birds


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April 14, 2013

Working Hard and Having Fun at Field Day

morocco_321_avafieldday 6.jpg

morocco_321_avafieldday 1.jpg

morocco_321_avafieldday 2.jpg

morocco_321_avafieldday 3.jpg

morocco_321_avafieldday 4.jpg

morocco_321_avafieldday 5.jpg

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April 03, 2013

Easter Fun with our Buddies

morocco_320_easter 2.jpg

morocco_320_easter 1.jpg


morocco_320_easter 5.jpg

morocco_320_easter 4.jpg

morocco_320_easter 3.jpg

morocco_320_easter 7.jpg

morocco_320_easter 6.jpg

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