January 24, 2013

El Jadida and Azzemour - Old Portuguese Cities


morocco_312_eljadida 6.jpg

morocco_312_eljadida 1.jpg

morocco_312_eljadida 1 (1).jpg


morocco_312_eljadida 7.jpg

morocco_312_eljadida 4.jpg

morocco_312_eljadida 5.jpg

morocco_312_eljadida 3 (1).jpg

morocco_312_eljadida 10.jpg

morocco_312_eljadida 9.jpg

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January 05, 2013

The Cedar Forest - Azrou

The kids have been asking to go see snow this whole break so we took a drive to Azrou. Just about all the snow had melted but the kids were still excited to see little patches and even more excited to feed the monkeys.

morocco_311_azrou 1.jpg

morocco_311_azrou 2.jpg

morocco_311_azrou 3.jpg

morocco_311_azrou 4.jpg

morocco_311_azrou 5.jpg

morocco_311_azrou 6.jpg

morocco_311_azrou 7.jpg

morocco_311_azrou 8.jpg

morocco_311_azrou 9.jpg

morocco_311_azrou 10.jpg

morocco_311_azrou 11.jpg

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January 03, 2013

Lots of snuggles for the birthday boy!

Dylan's quote of the day - I can't believe it's my birthday, I love myself.


morocco_310_dylan4 2.jpg

morocco_310_dylan4 3.jpg

morocco_310_dylan4 4.jpg

morocco_310_dylan4 2 (1).jpg

morocco_310_dylan4 4 (1).jpg

morocco_310_dylan4 (1).jpg

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