January 29, 2012

Ava finally gets her trip to the zoo

The Navigator
morocco_245_ava_dylan_zoo 1.jpg

The Climber
morocco_245_ava_dylan_zoo 4.jpg

morocco_245_ava_dylan_zoo 2.jpg

morocco_245_ava_dylan_zoo 7.jpg

morocco_245_ava_dylan_zoo 6.jpg

Tired, but happy, kids
morocco_245_ava_dylan_zoo 8.jpg

Ava's favorite part - The lion statue
morocco_245_ava_dylan_zoo 10.jpg

Dylan's favorite part - The fruit snacks
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January 19, 2012

We have a Zoo!

morocco_244_dylan_zoo 12.jpg

morocco_244_dylan_zoo 1.jpg

morocco_244_dylan_zoo 2.jpg

morocco_244_dylan_zoo 13.jpg

morocco_244_dylan_zoo 11.jpg

morocco_244_dylan_zoo 9.jpg

morocco_244_dylan_zoo 6.jpg

morocco_244_dylan_zoo 8.jpg

morocco_244_dylan_zoo 4.jpg

morocco_244_dylan_zoo 5.jpg

Lastly, it would not be Morocco without a safety hazard or two...
morocco_244_dylan_zoo 14.jpg

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January 13, 2012

Daddy is Home from Libya!


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January 04, 2012

Is Christmas Break Over Yet?

morocco_241_holidaymadness 1.jpgmorocco_241_holidaymadness 2.jpg
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January 03, 2012



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Dilly-Boo is 3!


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